About Us

The World Wide Dart Organization is a steel tip dart league with a goal to promote the growth and knowledge of the game of darts. The experience for all players should be fun and entertaining, whether it’s their first throw that night or their first throw ever! Our organization is both player and team oriented, with a handicap and scratch league structure. League games and events are held at various venues in the North Metro Atlanta area during the scheduled seasons. We recognize both the team and players for their achievements throughout the season.


All players are welcome and we hope to achieve an expansion of darts in this area. Our youth league is a great way to help young darters [ages 12-17] learn the game, build their math skills, improve hand-eye coordination and develop a healthy attitude towards competition and playing your best.


By maintaining a strong league organization, upholding an environment of great sportsmanship and fostering camaraderie, the game of darts will develop in the Atlanta area and help to create a lasting foundation for the game!

Upcoming Events and The Latest News

Georgia Peach Open Dart Tournament


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